Research Projects


For information on the individual doctoral research topics please follow the links listed below:

Project 1 - Finalized

Project supervisors: Prof. Dr. O. Sergeeva and Prof. Dr. A. Bauer
Associated investigator: Prof. Dr. H. Haas
Alumni graduate student: Roberto De Luca

Project 2
Project 3

undefinedNanoparticle-induced neural phenotypes in non-mammalian animal models

Project supervisors: Prof. Dr. A. von Mikecz and Prof. Dr. H. Aberle
Associated investigator: Dr. A. Scharf

Project 4

undefinedDisturbance of glutamate receptor processing and function in metabolic encephalopathies

Project supervisors: Prof. Dr. C.R. Rose and Prof. Dr. N. Klöcker
Graduate student: Behrouz Moshrefi-Ravasdjani
Associated graduate student: Andrea Mölders

Project 5 - Finalized

undefinedDefining common pathways of chronic progressive brain diseases

Project supervisor: Prof. Dr. C. Korth
Associated investigator: PD Dr. M.A. de Souza Silva
Alumni graduate student: Antony Sravan Yerabham

Project 6 - Finalized

undefinedEffects of γ-secretase dysfunction on synaptic transmission and Aβ-induced synaptotoxicity

Project supervisors: Prof. Dr. K. Gottmann and Prof. Dr. S. Weggen
Alumni graduate student: Vanessa Kurth
Alumni ass. graduate student: Pretty Garg

Project 7 - Finalized

undefinedBehavioural and gene expression effects of pharmacological modulation of subthalamic nucleus activity in the 6-OHDA-induced hemiparkinsonian rat

Project supervisors: Prof. Dr. J.P. Huston, Prof. Dr. A. Schnitzler, Prof. Dr. H.W. Müller and Prof. Dr. J. Vesper
Alumni graduate student: David Petri

Project 8 - Finalized

undefinedMolecular investigations of neurological defects observed in patients with nucleotide-excision-repair (NER)-deficiency by employment of iPS cells

Project supervisors: Prof. Dr. J Krutmann, Prof. Dr. E. Fritsche and Prof. Dr. D. Willbold
Alumni graduate student: Maxi Hofrichter

Project 9 - Finalized

undefinedHarnessing the adenosine system for therapy of CNS autoimmunity

Project supervisors: Prof. Dr. O Aktas, Prof. Dr. A. Bauer and Prof. Dr. H.P. Hartung
Alumni ass. graduate student: Klaudia Lepka

Project 10

undefinedRegulation of myelination in the developing and regenerating CNS

Project supervisors: Prof. Dr. N. Goebels and Prof. Dr. T. Klein
Associated investigator: Prof. Dr. P. Küry
Graduate student: Christine Baksmeier

Project 11

undefinedRole of CXCL12 receptors in mediating axon sprouting after spinal cord injury

Project supervisors: Prof. Dr. C. von Gall, Prof. Dr. H.W. Müller and Prof. Dr. D. Fischer
Graduate student: Federica Tundo

Project 12

undefinedMolecular characterization and in vivo imaging features of metabolic alterations in human and experimental gliomas

Project supervisors: Prof. Dr. G. Reifenberger and Prof. Dr. K.J. Langen
Associated investigator: Dr. C. Knobbe-Thomsen
Associated graduate student: Sascha Steltgens

Project 13

undefinedEAAT glutamate transporters in glial volume regulation

Project supervisors: Prof. Dr. C. Fahlke and Prof. Dr. C.R. Rose

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