Location and how to get to iBrain

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iBrain is situated in building 14.79 on the ground of the Düsseldorf University Hospital.

Arriving by car coming from the city of Düsseldorf

  • Out of the city via Berliner Allee or Oststraße into Corneliusstraße until Witzelstraße.
  • Turn left into Witzelstraße.
  • At the tram station "Uni Kliniken" turn right into Moorenstraße.

Arriving by public transport

  • From the main station the tram line 707 (Universität Ost) goes directly to the stop "Uni Kliniken"; from the city go the trams 701 (Düsseldorf Benrath BTF) and 713 (Düsseldorf Christophstr.) to the stop "Uni Kliniken".
  • Go right into Moorenstraße and follow the street.
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